There has been an increased issuance of green bonds and social bonds globally and across emerging markets. Green and social bonds operate like traditional bond issuances and are income generating assets for investors.

The African Development Bank Group Social Bonds programme finances projects with a measurable, positive social impact. The EUR 7-year Social Bond is part of the programme, which includes five social bonds totalling around USD 5.3 billion and was launched in 2017.

The Masala Green Bond is a public Indian rupee offering listed on the London Stock Exchange offered by the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation.

Public equity funds dedicated to impact in emerging markets provide an accessible entry point for investors seeking liquid options. Since the introduction of the Sustainable Development Goals, there has been growth in public equity funds focused on emerging markets and impact investing.

The Emerging Markets Sustainable Impact Fund is a public equity accumulating sub-fund under Nomura Ireland plc. The fund is an actively managed portfolio of emerging market equities launched in March 2020, investing in companies contributing to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Private debt is a large asset class in emerging markets, raising a record USD 9.4 billion in 2018. Private debt is also the largest asset class in impact investing, accounting for 37% of all investments, including both market and below market rate.

The Emerging Markets Loans Fund extends socially and environmentally responsible senior loans with fixed maturity dates to financial institutions, renewable energy firms and agribusinesses.

The Financial Inclusion Fund (formerly Institutional Microfinance Fund III) is the third-generation financial inclusion fund offered by ACTIAM and Developing World Markets (DWM), raising debt capital from institutional investors to provide financing to financial inclusion institutions (FIIs) across emerging markets, with expected market-rate returns. Investments are de-risked through ACTIAM’s FII selection approach and active support to FIIs.

The Global Sustainable Income Fund II is the second closed-end private debt fund managed by TriLinc Global Advisors. It provides private term loans and trade finance loans to small and medium-sized enterprises across emerging markets to create trade and economic growth through access to finance.

The Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund (EAIF) is a multi-donor fund mobilising capital to provide long-term debt to businesses creating, expanding or improving…

Private equity funds represent a large opportunity set for investors in emerging markets who are willing to make longer-term investments. Over the last decade, private equity penetration in emerging markets has expanded, raising over USD 100 billion annually since 2014.