Join the Impact Investing Institute as we launch our new set of case studies of impact investments in emerging and frontier markets made by institutional investors, including pension funds.

The case studies, which were developed in partnership with Dalberg Advisors, provide concrete examples of impact investments that meet the specific needs of UK institutional investors. They cover multiple asset classes, themes and geographies, including emerging and frontier markets in Africa, Asia and other global regions. The case studies are accompanied by asset class profiles, which summarise key asset class trends and opportunities in emerging and frontier markets for an audience of institutional investors.

The launch event will feature Matt Christensen, Global Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing at Allianz Global Investors, in conversation with Laurie Spengler, Lead Expert for International Development at the Impact Investing Institute. The conversation will delve into Matt’s pioneering experience in driving emerging markets impact investing in his roles at institutional investors (Allianz GI and previously AXA), and explore the opportunities for impact investment available to pension funds in emerging markets based on key findings from the case studies.


Matt Christensen

Global Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing, Allianz Global Investors
Laurie Spengler

Laurie Spengler

Director and Lead Expert, Impact Investing Institute

David Krivanek

Programme Manager, Impact Investing Institute

Case studies: Impact investing opportunities for institutional investors in emerging markets

Read the full case studies here

New research out now

White Paper: Scaling up institutional investment for place-based impact

Our joint white paper “Scaling up institutional investment for place-based impact,” based on the collaborative “Place-Based Impact Investing Project (PBII)” by the Impact Investing Institute, The Good Economy and Pensions for Purpose, sets out the case for institutional investors to adopt a “place-based lens.”