Combining gender and climate considerations expands the opportunity landscape for relevant, dynamic and impactful investments. Join leaders from the GenderSmart investor and practitioner community to hear why this powerful combination is gaining traction and to learn how you can start deploying capital with these combined lenses.


Laurie Spengler

Laurie Spengler

Director and Lead Expert, Impact Investing Institute

Suzanne Biegel

Founder, Catalyst at Large and Co-Founder, GenderSmart

Tim Radjy

Founder & Managing Partner, AlphaMundi

Julie Gorte

SVP for Sustainable Investing, Impax Asset Management LLC

Courtney Thompson

Executive Director, Morgan Stanley, Global Sustainable Finance Group

New research out now

White Paper: Scaling up institutional investment for place-based impact

Our joint white paper “Scaling up institutional investment for place-based impact,” based on the collaborative “Place-Based Impact Investing Project (PBII)” by the Impact Investing Institute, The Good Economy and Pensions for Purpose, sets out the case for institutional investors to adopt a “place-based lens.”