It is possible to invest with impact across all asset classes in some form. The traditional preference for venture capital and private equity is starting to break down as investors seek scale in public markets.

Impact investing is developing and growing fast. Here you will learn about the current research on the size and shape of the market, who the investors and investees are and gain insight into some of the strategies that leading investors use.

This is about the ‘why’ of impact investing. How do impact investors see the world and what are the frameworks that they work with to identify the impact of their investments? This module provides the answers, lists some of the challenges that impact investment sets out to address (as well as some of the constraints) and provides an important reminder to maintain a keen focus on the people benefiting from impact investing.

Everyone’s first question about impact investment is ‘so what is impact investing?’ This module defines impact investing, tells you how impact investing has developed, how it fits in with the rest of the investment world, what some of the challenges it faces are and what the key terms mean. Start here.