The Leadership Council, in partnership with the charity pilotlight, have published a new report, The Great British Talent Swap, calling for a sharing of talent and experience between the charitable and commercial sectors.

The report is made up of a series of interviews with prominent individuals from the worlds of business and charity, including Dame Elizabeth Corley, Chair of our Board, and Sir Harvey McGrath, Chair of our Advisory Council.

The report acts as a call to action for the sharing of knowledge and experience, an argument that rests on three central pillars. Firstly, there is, the report states, a growing skills gap within commercial organisations regarding purpose and impact – while the appetite for change may be there, these policies require people with prior experience to action them. Skills are only one part of the equation: in many cases, a shift in culture is also required. Infusing new DNA from different organisational structures, the report argues, is a very effective way to prompt this shift. Finally, the report underlines the overwhelmingly positive experience of those who have previously stepped across the divide in addition to the additional professional experience it provided.

You can read the full report by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

It is as if the urgency, both on the environmental side and on the social side, plus people realizing how fast things can change in the context of a pandemic, has taken hold. If you look at the speed of reaction, the adaptation has been amazingly fast in some places. And I think people are saying that’s what we need: that’s the pace.

Dame Elizabeth Corley, Chair of the Impact Investing Institute

I’ve been fascinated to see how change has been driven by both customers and investors, who increasingly require an alignment of a purpose and values within a business with their own, or their clients. This leads to some fundamental changes not only in corporate ethos and behaviour, but also in capital allocation

Sir Harvey McGrath, Chair of the Advisory Council of the Impact Investing Institute