The Finance for Impact Summit on Monday, 18 July 2022 will bring together leaders of finance, business, governments and other institutions from around the world to discuss how we can better harness finance for the good of people and the planet. This one-day event will be held in person at Mansion House in London, and streamed live to a global audience.

All war, wherever in the world it takes place, imposes huge costs and suffering, particularly on civilians. At this time, the Impact Investing Institute shares the world’s horror at the events unfolding in Ukraine and the suffering the invasion by Russia’s armed forces has brought to everybody in Ukraine.

The Impact Investing Institute has today released a new report with the first estimate of the total size of the UK’s market for impact investment – investment which delivers a positive, measurable social and environmental benefit alongside a financial return. The research, delivered in collaboration with EY, funded by DCMS with additional support from Big Society Capital, estimates the size of the market at £58bn in 2020, and demonstrates the growing importance of this segment of the capital markets, which is fast moving into the mainstream

On Tuesday, 1st March, 09:00-11:00 GMT, we launched our report “Estimating and describing the UK impact investing market“, written in collaboration with EY and supported by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and Big Society Capital.

The Leadership Council, in partnership with the charity pilotlight, have published a new report, The Great British Talent Swap, calling for a sharing of talent and experience between the charitable and commercial sectors.

Currently there is no good answer to the question, “How big is the UK impact investing market?” Working with our research partners, the professional services firm EY, we are developing a methodology for suitably sizing the UK impact investing market and baselining its size. Working across the impact investment field we are obtaining data and insights from asset owners, asset managers and industry stakeholders to develop a picture of where the market is today. 

We all have pictures and voices in our minds from the last few weeks. For me, the most persistent image is of the migrant workers forced to leave Delhi after lockdown was imposed and walk hundreds of miles back to their home towns, often with no money and nothing to eat.

Small businesses, social enterprises, and charities are vital to our communities. They are also hit hardest by the current coronavirus pandemic and are struggling to access much needed emergency finance to survive this crisis. We put together some useful funding resources for social purpose organisations and investors.

It is four months since the Impact Investing Institute had its official launch in Sheffield and London, and like everyone else, we are responding to the coronavirus pandemic and its devastating human and economic costs on communities around the world. 

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