In our first impact report for 2019-20, we are reflecting on our achievements of our first year and are looking ahead to how we can work towards our goal of improving people’s lives, as more capital contributes to addressing social and environmental challenges.

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2020 has been a very demanding and often tragic year, but it has also showed us how important it is to continue working towards our goal: mobilising private sector capital at scale for public good. We have set out some goals for 2021 to help us achieve our vision of accelerating the growth and improving the effectiveness of the impact investing market in the UK and internationally.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused immense hardship across the world. But one of the (few) positive side effects of crises is that they drive spectacular examples of innovation. The pandemic has driven some pretty spectacular examples of financial innovation in 2020 in response to both the demand from investors and to the pressing need across the globe from businesses, charities and individuals for emergency funds.