At the Impact Investing Institute, we aim to transform capital markets to make them fairer and work better for people and the planet. In this, our second impact report, we reflect on the achievements we have made so far and look ahead, outlining our priorities for the future.

In May 2021, our white paper “Scaling up institutional investment for place-based impact” identified a barrier which could prevent institutional investors from adopting a place-based approach: the lack of appropriate financing vehicles through which to invest. Our new report tackles this barrier head on, setting out the key characteristics viable vehicles must possess, a variety of structures they can adopt and a set of case studies which demonstrate these principles in practice.

Private capital, including pension money, can address place-based inequalities across the UK and secure financial returns at the same time. This module explores how.

Everyone’s first question about impact investment is ‘so what is impact investing?’ This module defines impact investing, tells you how impact investing has developed, how it fits in with the rest of the investment world, what some of the challenges it faces are and what the key terms mean. Start here.

Financing a fair and inclusive transition to Net Zero.

Today the City of London Corporation will host the Finance for Impact Summit alongside its partners the Impact Investing Institute (III) and KPMG, at which financial services firms with more than £3.6 trillion of assets and assets under management will announce their participation in a Just Transition Finance Challenge. Also launched during the event will be a new industry-led set of recommendations for scaling finance that delivers positive and measurable impact across the financial services sector.

At the Impact Investing Institute, we believe that a place-based impact investing approach creates opportunities for institutional investors to make market-rate, risk-adjusted financial returns while simultaneously delivering a positive social and environmental impact locally. Now, the exceptional performance of Clwyd Pension Fund’s local and impact investments has demonstrated this belief in practice, achieving a rate of return over three times higher than the Fund average and clearly highlighting the opportunities, and benefits, of adopting a place-based approach.    

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