We work to increase awareness and interest in impact investing. We provide research and tools to support investors and advocate for policy and regulation that make it easier to invest with impact, alongside financial return.

Our two flagship projects focus on mobilising more capital for a fair and inclusive transition to a net zero economy – a just transition – in underinvested places and communities across the UK and globally.

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Supporting a transition to a net zero global economy that is inclusive and beneficial for all

Directing private and public capital to underinvested places and communities across the UK

We support institutional investors, such as pension funds and endowments, with the insight and tools they need to invest with impact.

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Helping pension funds and their investment advisors to progress their impact investing journey

Supporting asset managers in integrating impact into their thinking and investment proces

Working with foundations to help endowments to be invested with impact

Mobilising more personal wealth to create meaningful impact

We provide learning resources and case studies for individuals and organisations that want to get involved in impact investing.

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Build your impact knowledge and skills – for yourself or your organisation

Discover how impact investing is addressing real-life challenges and needs

How big is the impact investing market? Explore our research to find out

We work with policymakers, regulators, standard setters, and industry bodies to grow a strong and inclusive impact investing market.

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Informing policy and regulation to help impact investing to thrive and bringing together stakeholders to share best impact thinking

We work to increase understanding of impact investing in the UK and globally through events and a range of media channels.

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Participate in discussion panels, summits, workshops and more.

Get the latest opinion, views, developments and events in impact investing.