Building the impact investing market together

The Institute is a trusted partner on impact investing to finance professionals, social purpose organisations, and policymakers. We collaborate widely with those in our field representing the full spectrum of capital to develop our work. We are supported by the UK Government, several foundations, and financial services firms.

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As well as benefitting from a broad network of impact investing experts and knowledge partners, the Institute receives funding from several financial services firms.

To find out who is supporting our work, visit our funders page.

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As a small non-profit organisation, we are grateful for the guidance and support of organisations who volunteer their time and resources to help us achieve our goal of making capital markets fairer and work better for people and the planet.

Most of our pro-bono support comes in the form of secondees, public relations advice, content production facilities, room hire, co-operation on specific projects and publications, as well as legal advice.

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The Institute benefits from collaboration with a wide array of different partners.

From roundtables to large events, co-authorship and media partnerships, knowledge sharing and research, we work with specialists and fellow organisations in the field to deliver our programmes.  

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We want to increase awareness about impact investing and build knowledge around how to grow the market and make it more effective.

Our team members, board, and Advisory Council are regularly invited to speak to investors, industry organisations, government and policymakers.

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