Our open-source Learning Hub, named by Forbes as a go-to resource for impact investing, provides individuals and organisations with knowledge and skills to invest for impact with confidence.

This Learning Hub is designed to help you learn more about impact investing either to meet your personal interest or to support your work.

The modules below will help you build your knowledge and skills so that you can do impact investing with confidence. They draw extensively on research and reports from leading organisations such as the Global Impact Investing Network, the Impact Management Platform, as well as on our own resources. 

Our Learning Hub has been designed with the help of experts in the field. We are looking to improve and expand the resources on the Hub on a continuous basis and welcome your feedback. Get in touch at learning@impactinvest.org.uk



Impact investing approaches

Impact investing in practice

View our evidence base for investors that features examples of impact investments across asset classes and geographies. 

View our reports, consultation responses, and research, available to everyone interested impact investing.