We are an independent, non-profit organisation with the goal of making capital markets fairer and work better for people and the planet

The challenge

Research shows that 81% of adults would like their investments to do some good as well as provide a financial return. But there is also a common myth that impact investing means sacrificing financial returns. Limited awareness of the benefits of impact investing, and of the tools, standards and regulations that already support it, continues to hold back investors in their impact journey.

The solution

We want to foster thriving capital markets where impact investing plays an essential role within the financial system. We work to help investors and their advisors deploy capital to address social and environmental challenges, alongside generating a financial return. We also advocate for regulatory and policy environments that support that goal.

We want to accelerate the growth and improve the effectiveness of the impact investing market in the UK and internationally 

How we work

Our strength lies in bringing people together. Through engagement, networks and partnerships across financial services, the social sector, and with policymakers and investors, we help to drive real change. And to encourage informed action, our resources are openly available to investment practitioners and the public.

Our people

The Institute’s core paid team works alongside several Lead Experts – senior industry professionals who provide pro bono support in their fields of expertise. Our board is made up of respected figures in financial services, social investment, and the voluntary sector. Finally, our Advisory Council, made up of senior leaders from across the worlds of investment and philanthropy, provides strategic support to the Institute.

Leading professionals from the finance, social and voluntary sectors provide expert oversight

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