The REAL People’s Fund is a $10m fund, investing in BIPOC-owned businesses in the East Bay of California. The fund is a community capital fund, designed and developed by six grassroot organisations aiming to provide equitable access to capital. Its structure allows for a collaboration of various organisations: Community Vision, a community development finance institution (CDFI), underwrites and administers larger loans, Uptima Entrepreneurship Cooperative provides technical assistances to businesses, and the Runway Project gives access to early-stage financing. 

The fund is community-based and has a BIPOC-focused leadership, incorporating their expertise to empower marginalised communities. Community members can invest in the fund from $100, at 3% interest. Community investors elect a member to the board. Further community engagement is supported through focus groups, surveys, and public meetings. The REAL People’s fund has increased access to capital for small businesses and community organisations – supporting the East Bay area. The fund reported an average return on investment of 9% for its investors.