The Schroders Capital UK Real Estate Impact Fund aims to address social inequality in the UK and deliver a risk adjusted financial return. By investing in affordable and social housing, town centre regeneration and supporting increased employment, the Fund aims to deliver a positive impact on people, place and planet, focusing on deprived areas of the UK.

As part of its strategy, the fund emphasises how hearing and responding to the community voice is important to meet the needs of local communities. Community engagement is facilitated through longterm stakeholder collaboration and needs-based analysis. The investment and asset management phases include early and regular community engagement through a range of methods including consultations, information collection, and forums to provide feedback.

This engagement is also used to qualitatively measure the social impact of investments once the projects are in use. The outcomes form the narrative element of the Fund’s annual social impact report alongside quantitative metrics, undertaken by an independent social value consultant, to assess objectively how the fund is progressing towards achievement of its impact objectives.