The importance of a transition that is socially inclusive and beneficial is being increasingly recognised in efforts to mitigate the climate emergency, deliver sustainable adaption programmes and a net-zero carbon economy.

This event co-hosted by the Impact Investing Institute and Social Impact Agenda per l’Italia, as part of the All4Climate – Italy 2021 programme, will explore how innovative green bonds that associate financing for climate action with social benefits can be mobilised to finance a just transition to net-zero.

Green finance has witnessed a sustained rise in the last few years and is projected to increase substantially, as governments and companies are expected to issue as much as $500bn in green debt in 2021 to satisfy fast-growing market demand.  Yet, against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, there is a growing acknowledgment that green finance instruments must deliver more than financial returns and environmental benefits. There is a now an expectation that responsible, sustainable and other green investments must consider their impact on people, societies, livelihoods, health and living standards and indeed should also deliver significant positive and measurable social ‘co-benefits’.

The event will highlight the potential for the deployment of green bonds that deliver social co-benefits by sovereign and corporates. Such innovative financial instruments offer a promising way through which substantial private capital can be mobilised by sovereigns and corporates to finance a global just transition to net-zero, achieve the Paris Agreement and meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Goals, both in developed and developing countries.

This event will also showcase examples of innovative financial instruments, based on recent issuances in Italy and the UK, the co-organisers of COP26.

Our Speakers

Sarah Gordon

Chief Executive, Impact Investing Institute

Filippo Montesi

Secretary General, Social Impact Agenda per l’Italia

Arunma Oteh

Academic Scholar, University of Oxford and former Vice President and Treasurer, The World Bank

Nick Robins

Professor in Practice for Sustainable Finance, LSE’s Grantham Research Institute

Davide Iacovoni

Director General of Public Debt at the Treasury Department of Ministry of Economics and Finance, Italy

New research out now

White Paper: Scaling up institutional investment for place-based impact

Our joint white paper “Scaling up institutional investment for place-based impact,” based on the collaborative “Place-Based Impact Investing Project (PBII)” by the Impact Investing Institute, The Good Economy and Pensions for Purpose, sets out the case for institutional investors to adopt a “place-based lens.”