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This post was authored by the Impact Investing Institute.

In this episode of our In Conversation series, our Chair, Dame Elizabeth Corley, spoke to Rebecca Lewis, Co-CEO of Arisaig Partners, an investment firm specialising in emerging and frontier markets since 1996.

In this new format of our In Conversation series, you will gain insights into Rebecca’s understanding of impact, purposeful growth, and the importance of meaningful engagement with the people affected by your investment decisions.

Rebecca shares perspectives on the intersection of finance and impact, sheds light on how to have impact in public markets, and stresses the importance of having a long-term view when investing in emerging and frontier economies.

Rebecca also talks about what she has learnt from women in India – where Arisaig has a strong presence – where she finds inspiration for her personal and professional life, and her view on the future of impact investing.

In our In Conversation series, produced in collaboration with Asset TV, we we talk to senior leaders in finance who put impact at the heart of what they do. Every three months, you will be able to tune in for compelling conversation with decision makers who are shaping the intersection of finance and positive change.