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This post was authored by the Impact Investing Institute.

Capital shapes the world around us. An economy in which people and the planet can thrive requires a transformation in the way that capital is invested. But many decision-makers within capital markets, as well as policymakers and media professionals, struggle to recognise their role in shaping a sustainable economy fit for purpose in the 21st century.  

Impact investing as a powerful tool

Impact investing is one of the most effective tools to achieve this transformation, but it has much further to go to realise its potential. Despite two decades of growth, and investments now in the trillions of dollars, impact investing constitutes only about 1% of the global investment market. If impact investing became the default choice for the world’s capital allocators, we would get closer, more quickly, to addressing urgent global challenges like the transition to net zero and reversing rising inequality.  

As an independent non-profit, the Impact Investing Institute was set up to connect capital to impact, and to act as a bridge between new economic ideas and mainstream capital markets. We are excited to announce that we will be working on a new programme to do just that, funded by the Sorenson Impact Foundation and starting in January 2024.   

Unlocking the full potential of impact investing

This programme will identify the factors slowing decision-makers within capital markets, as well as policymakers and media professionals, from embracing impact investing to its full potential. We want to find out when these factors are rooted in the practices around impact investing itself and when there are larger factors at play.    
Our goal is to provide impact investing advocates with the information, language, and tools they need to encourage decision makers to recognise the opportunities of mobilising capital at scale for the benefit of people and the planet.  

Looking forward to working with our network

The Institute is privileged to have a unique network across capital actors, civil society and governments. We are looking forward to working with global partners across the financial ecosystem to deliver an industry-defining effort that can help deliver a step change for the impact investing field at large.