As part of our guide “Family Offices: A roadmap to impact” – a unique resource designed to support and inspire families and their advisers who want to use their wealth to deliver positive change in the world – we have held in-depth interviews with family offices from across the world, who are investing with impact.

We talked to both principals and investment professionals working for family offices about their practical experience of how to set up an impact investing strategy and deliver it.

  • Blink C.V.

    Blink C.V.

    Blink C.V.​ (Blink)​ is an international single-family office​ focused on impact and technology, developing and managing a broad range of projects with the overall aim to create opportunities and reimagine sustainability​.

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  • DOB Equity

    DOB Equity

    DOB Equity is a fund investing capital in innovative, scalable, and impactful companies in East Africa. The family also set up DOB Ecology and DOB Emergency.

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  • PFC


    PFC is a family office founded in 2016 by a branch of the Marzotto Family. PFC aims to create a world of social and environmental justice for all – with the ambition to be a point of reference in Europe for investing for positive social and environmental impact.

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  • RS Group

    RS Group

    RS Group is a mid-sized family office based in Hong Kong founded by Annie Chen with the aim of using her share of a family inheritance to invest sustainably.

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  • Tripple


    Tripple is a private investment company founded in 2018 by three siblings to use capital as a force for good through a combination of investments and grant-making. It aims to provide a working example of what a 100% for-purpose investment portfolio can look like.

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  • Vala Capital

    Vala Capital

    Jasper Smith is a first-generation wealth creator and tech entrepreneur who manages his wealth through Vala Capital, the sustainable venture capital firm he helped to found. His ventures include PlayJam, Playstack and Arksen, as well as being an early investor in Hutch. Jasper founded the charity 10 Percent for the Ocean in 2018.

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