Mobilising institutional capital for a transition to net zero where no-one is left behind

We work with global financial institutions to mobilise public and private capital at scale so that the move to a net zero carbon global economy is fair and inclusive to all

Just Transition Finance Challenge

Based on our work as co-leaders of the G7 Impact Taskforce in 2021, we launched our Just Transition Finance Challenge. The Challenge brings together global financial institutions with over £4 trillion of assets, or assets under management, that are committed to financing a just transition in the UK and emerging markets.

Together, we have developed the Just Transition Criteria, which fund managers can use to design and structure investment products, which can be shown to deliver three critical elements of a just transition:

  • Advancing of climate and environmental action – for example, greenhouse gas emission mitigation, reduction and removal
  • Improving of socio-economic distribution and equity – for example, inclusive opportunities for decent jobs
  • Increasing community voices – through, for example, engagement and dialogue with affected communities that are often excluded and marginalised

The Challenge helps asset managers and asset owners respond to growing demand for investment products that deliver social and environmental benefits. It also enables solutions that genuinely look to advance a just transition to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Further steps

We are creating guides and case studies to help financial institutions develop products that support a just transition across different asset classes and geographies. This work is being done with partners, including catalytic capital providers and investors based in the Global South.

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