Many pensions are already investing with impact and provide useful examples for others to learn from. Pensioenfonds voor het Slagersbedrijf (the Butchers’ Pension Fund) is the pension fund for the Dutch butchers’ industry and has current AUM of c. €2.5 billion of 2,400 affiliated employers. The Fund manages the contributions of 13,450 active members, 46,340 deferred member and 9,955 pensioners (per 2018). It has a funding ratio of 101.8% as at October 2020, and a policy funding ratio of 120%. Kempen Capital Management (“Kempen”) acts as the fiduciary manager to the Fund and helped it to articulate, implement and monitor the investments. Kempen created a vehicle – the Global Impact Pool – to house the investments the Fund wanted to make to address food, labour, climate and water, and also in recognition of the lack of available appropriate investable opportunities in the market at that time.