Growing a Culture for Impact Investing in the UK: Better reporting

Published on
18th October 2018

This paper by the Social Impact Investing Implementation Taskforce and Deloitte from October 2018, forms part of the Taskforce response to the third key recommendation of the report of the Advisory Group on Social Impact Investing to “develop better reporting of non-financial outcomes”, which has been subsequently refined by the Taskforce as “better reporting of social and environmental impact.” The insights are drawn from a call for evidence that received responses from 92 representatives and experts from across the investment and reporting domains.

Using these insights this paper sets out:

  • an introduction to the broader context and a theory of change which illustrates the link between social and environmental impact reporting and investment decisions;
  • an overview of the current landscape of impact reporting approaches together with an assessment of where impact reporting is on the journey towards coalescence;
  • a discussion of the current challenges faced by investors and reporting practitioners, and evidence of emerging coalescence of social and environmental impact reporting; and
  • views on the key opportunities and foundations for further coalescence; possible ways forward to achieve harmonised social and environmental impact reporting.