Sustainability Reporting Standard for Social Housing

Published on
1st November 2020

As part of the ESG Social Housing Working Group, a unique collaboration of 18 banks and investors, housing associations, service providers and impact investing organisations, the Institute helped develop the Sustainability Reporting Standard for Social Housing. The standard, which was developed based on a White Paper published in May 2020 followed by a consultation process with housing associations and investors.

The Standard provides a voluntary reporting framework for housing providers to report on their ESG performance in a transparent, consistent and comparable way. This will make it easier for lenders and investors to assess the ESG performance of housing providers and identify ESG risks as well as opportunities to create positive social and environmental outcomes.

A total of 70 banks, investors and housing associations have today become early adopters of this industry-led sustainability reporting standard designed to unlock institutional investment to help tackle the UK’s deepening housing crisis

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Sustainability Reporting Standard for Social Housing

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