Impact investments can contribute positively to asset diversification, lower overall volatility and reduce the effect of negative externalities. They can also increase the future fitness, resilience and prospects for long-term capital growth and overall performance of pension funds and other forms of institutional assets. There are lots of important questions that trustees and other asset owners need to ask themselves and answer and this module is designed to support that process.

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The initial sections of this module help asset owners to think about why and how to invest with impact. The subsequent material looks at the effect of incorporating impact at a total portfolio level. There is then a review of impact and fiduciary duty as well as other legal and regulatory questions for asset owners, before the section closes by looking at how impact influences communication with beneficiaries. 

Glossary of terms

We have put together a glossary of terms for impact investing

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Determining impact investment strategy 

Impact investment risk, return and portfolio effect 

Fiduciary duty and regulation