Directing private impact capital to underinvested places has been shown to be an effective way to raise living standards, provide economic opportunities, and build thriving inclusive communities. For place-based impact investing to be successful, we must work in partnership with pension funds, in particular the UK’s Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs) – social enterprises that provide loans to businesses that cannot get the finance they need from banks, as well as fund managers, pension consultants, local authorities, and communities to encourage investment into cities, towns, and regions across the UK.

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The module defines place-based impact investing, offers a practical example of how pension funds can invest in places and communities across the UK, and introduces a place-based impact investing reporting framework.

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Section 1: What is place-based impact investing

Section 2: Place-based impact investing in practice – pension funds

Section 3: A Place-based Impact Investing Reporting Framework