Empowering capital for purpose

We want to mobilise more personal wealth to create meaningful impact by working with family offices to empower them to make their money matter

Investing in line with your values

The investment landscape is undergoing a major transformation as more people seek to make a positive impact with their money. Research by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority says that a significant majority, 81% of adults, express a desire for their investments to generate not only financial returns, but also contribute to a greater good.

Family offices – vehicles set up to manage family wealth – are uniquely positioned to lead this charge. They are unconstrained by obligations that can inhibit other institutional investors and can act at pace on the social and environmental issues nearly all of us care about. Their influence is significant — the global wealth managed by families amounts to over $10 trillion.

And it is only set to grow. The world is going through a great wealth transfer, where substantial assets are being transferred from one generation to the next. In the UK alone, the Financial Times estimates that around £5.5 trillion will pass between generations in the next 30 years.

Practical guidance that inspires action

To support the growing demand, our guide “Family Offices: A roadmap to impact” provides practical information and resources for families and their advisors to navigate the world of impact investing. The guide is accompanied by in-depth case studies, based on one-on-one interviews with both family office principals and investment professionals working for them.

Whether you are a first-generation wealth creator, a multi-generational family office, or an advisor, our guide offers practical guidance and showcases examples that illustrate how to advocate for impact with other family members, develop effective strategies and frameworks for change, translate those into action, and ultimately allocate more capital for the benefit of people and the planet.  

Addressing climate change and inequality

Our work builds on our successful efforts to mobilise more than £87 billion that sit in the largest 300 UK endowments. Similarly, we want to aspire to accelerate the engagement of wealthy individuals in the field of impact investing. By assisting them in aligning their wealth with their values, we empower them to involve the next generation in meaningful work and contribute to a lasting family legacy. Ultimately, our goal is to enable individuals and families to maximise their potential as active contributors to solving the pressing social and environmental issues of our time.

If you want to stay up to date about this work or are open to collaboration please get in touch with Sarah Teacher.

Watch this interview with Jasper Smith, first-generation wealth creator and tech entrepreneur about his impact investing journey.
We spoke to Giorgiana Notarbartolo about how she worked with her family to get started on impact investing.

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