Empowering capital for purpose

We want to mobilise more personal wealth to create meaningful impact by working with family offices to empower them to make their money matter

Investing in line with your values

The investment landscape is undergoing a major transformation as more people seek to make a positive impact with their money. Recent research reveals that a significant majority, 81% of adults, express a desire for their investments to generate not only financial returns, but also contribute to a greater good.

This shift is further amplified by the impending “great wealth transfer,” where substantial wealth will be transferred from one generation to the next. In the UK alone, £5.5 trillion are estimated to pass between generations in the next 30 years. Wealthy individuals and families are increasingly drawn to investment approaches that align with their values and address urgent global challenges like climate change and inequality.

Research estimates that family offices manage more than $5.9 trillion globally, while the wealth of the families behind them totals $9.4 trillion. Many have a long history of impact investing, others are at the beginning of their impact journey.

Practical guidance that inspires action

To support the growing demand, we provide family offices with the necessary resources and materials to become impact investors. We offer practical guidance and showcase successful examples that illustrate how to embark on an impactful investment journey, develop effective strategies, translate those strategies into action, and foster lasting change. Our extensive research and one-on-one interviews with individuals and wealth managers who have successfully embarked on an impact investing journey, are the base of all our materials.

We will publish the following resources by the end of 2023:

  • Inspiring case studies that showcase how family offices can deploy more impact capital (such as the work done by Ceniarth – a private family office focused on improving livelihoods in marginalised and vulnerable communities globally)
  • A practical “how to invest with impact” guide tailored for wealthy individuals and families
  • Communications assets that can help impact investing advocates to encourage more family offices to mobilise capital for the benefit of people and the planet

Addressing climate change and inequality

Our work builds on our successful efforts to mobilise more than £87 billion that sit in the largest 300 UK endowments. Similarly, we want to aspire to accelerate the engagement of wealthy individuals in the field of impact investing. By assisting them in aligning their wealth with their values, we empower them to involve the next generation in meaningful work and contribute to a lasting family legacy. Ultimately, our goal is to enable individuals and families to maximise their potential as active contributors to solving the pressing social and environmental issues of our time.

If you want to stay up to date about this work or are open to collaboration please get in touch with Sarah Teacher.

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