Our goal

The social and affordable housing sector has both strong impact credentials and attractive financial characteristics. However, it has struggled to demonstrate these benefits and attract investment. We are part of a coalition that wants to make it easier for lenders and investors to assess Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance of housing providers and identify ESG risks as well as opportunities to create positive social and environmental outcomes.

What we did to achieve it

We helped establish a Sustainability Reporting Standard for Social Housing, informing a sector-standard approach for ESG reporting in UK social housing. The Standard, which was launched in November 2020, provides a voluntary reporting framework for housing providers to report on their ESG performance in a transparent, consistent and comparable way.

The implementation of those standards will be overseen by the Social and Affordable Housing Sustainability Reporting Standards Board, which we are supporting as an interim secretariat and will continue to collaborate with in the future.


In partnership with Property Funds Research and supported by Homes England and Investment Property Forum, we have published a ground-breaking and comprehensive report detailing the investment case for UK social housing.

In our first impact report for 2019-20, we are reflecting on our achievements of our first year and are looking ahead to how we can work towards our goal of improving people’s lives, as more capital contributes to addressing social and environmental challenges.

As part of the ESG Social Housing Working Group, a unique collaboration of 18 banks and investors, housing associations, service providers and impact investing organisations, the Institute helped develop the Sustainability Reporting Standard for Social Housing.

News & Views

The coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the social fabric of our society has made it clear, once again, that the need for a good, affordable home has never been more important. Investor interest in the UK’s social housing sector is growing strong. 


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