Family Offices: A roadmap to impact

Published on
30th January 2024

The global wealth managed by families amounts to over $10 trillion. As the impact investing market is growing, more families are looking to align their wealth with their values. Unconstrained by obligations that can inhibit other institutional investors, families are uniquely placed to act at pace on the social and environmental issues nearly all of us care about. 

Who is this guide for?

Our guide “Family Offices: A roadmap to impact” provides practical information and resources for families and their advisors to navigate the world of impact investing. 

Whether you are a first-generation wealth creator, a multi-generational family office, or an advisor, our guide offers practical guidance and showcases examples that illustrate how to advocate for impact with other family members, develop effective strategies and frameworks for change, translate those into action, and ultimately allocate more capital for the benefit of people and the planet.  

By sharing practical steps, insights, and resources, we want to help family offices to maximise their role as active contributors to solving the pressing social and environmental issues of our time.  

What does the guide cover?

Drawing deeply on the real-world experience and case studies of family offices that have successfully adopted an impact approach, the guide provides practical steps, information and resources on how to do the following: 

  • Advocating internally for impact: Explore how families are successfully presenting the case for impact investing to other family members, ensuring an inclusive approach and aligning with family values.
  • Creating an impact framework and theory of change: Learn how an agreed impact investment approach can be formalised, structured, and documented in a way that all stakeholders can understand and buy into.
  • Developing an investment policy statement: See how the desired impact strategy can be translated into a clear, practical investment policy to guide investment professionals in the day-to-day portfolio management.
  • How to start allocating capital for impact: Look at the pros and cons of creating an impact ‘carve-out’ versus building towards an 100% impact portfolio.
  • Working with external advisers and managers: Including the questions to ask to determine a provider’s level of commitment to and experience in impact.
  • Impact measurement and management: Discover resources and good practices to help measure and management the impact you’re achieving.
  • Finding community and collaboration: Learn about the peer networks, impact organisations and family office communties to help inform, support and inspire you on your impact journey.

We welcome feedback on the guide and further cases studies of best practice of family offices investing with impact. You can reach out to us directly at partnerships(at)

Watch this interview with Jasper Smith, first-generation wealth creator and tech entrepreneur about his impact investing journey.
We spoke to Giorgiana Notarbartolo about how she worked with her family to get started on impact investing.


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