The challenge

A fair and inclusive transition – a just transition – to a net zero economy requires huge changes and significant capital is needed to finance it. Unless the negative social consequences on people’s jobs and ways of living are eased, there will be no widespread public acceptance of our ambition for a carbon-neutral world. If we want to avoid entire communities being left behind, the transition needs to be rooted in the places where we live, work, and socialise.

What we do to solve it

We are working with investors, as well as the social and public sectors to raise awareness of the opportunities of investing in a fair and inclusive transition to net zero, including in underinvested places and communities in the UK and the global south. We give them the practical tools and information they need to mobilise capital for positive environmental and social change while securing a financial return.

How we do it

Supporting a transition to a net zero global economy that is inclusive and beneficial for all

Directing private capital to underinvested places and communities across the UK

Glossary of terms

We have put together a glossary of terms for impact investing.

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