Our Goal

To encourage and enable UK endowed charitable foundations to unlock increased public benefits and mission outcomes by delivering impact investing in their endowments.

What we are doing to achieve it

We are working with multiple stakeholders across the industry – endowed charities, industry associations, investment managers, investment advisors and lawyers – to support more charitable foundations to deliver impact investing with their endowments. Working across 2021-22 we are debunking common myths that prevent impact investing, detailing the value of impact investing to foundations, and outlining practical steps to deliver the approach.  

Our deliverables of 2021-22 are in four parts:

  1. We are working with legal experts to deliver a legal paper that highlights the compatibility of charitable trustees’ fiduciary duty with impact investing.
  2. We are developing a clear and practical handbook to impact investing that debunks myths, provides powerful arguments for foundations’ delivery of impact investing, and steps to get started.
  3. We are creating five case studies of foundations that are on the journey of impact investing to support peers to learn from their approach.
  4. We are establishing an endowments expert panel of leaders from the UK foundation sector, that will be act as advocates for the approach to their UK peers.

“If the last fifty years of philanthropy were defined by grant-making budgets, the next fifty must be about directing the other 95% of our assets toward justice.”

Darren Walker, Scaling Capital for Good: How the Ford Foundation is leveraging its endowment to finance more social good than ever before (2018)