Our goal

We want to increase competency in impact investing so more investors incorporate impact into their work and investment decisions. Lack of knowledge about impact investing remains one of the main reasons for people not to consider impact in their financial decision-making process.

What we are doing to achieve it

We have created an Impact Investing Learning Framework for providers of investment qualifications and trainings, such as professional bodies and trade associations. This formed the basis for our open-source Learning Hub, packed with helpful and accessible resources, that helps individuals and organisations to build their knowledge and skills.

We have formed partnerships with organisations to help them use our Learning Framework and Hub to deliver educational events and develop training materials on impact investing for their members, such as the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment and CFA UK, a professional membership body representing 11,000 investment professionals in the UK.

Our impact learning work has been guided by a Learning Panel made up of representatives from across the mainstream and impact investing sectors, including Barclays, Aberdeen Standard Investments and Bridges Fund Management.

Both our Learning Framework and our Learning Hub are regularly reviewed and improved. If you would like to share your feedback, suggest materials for the Hub or support our work, please get in touch at learning@impactinvest.org.uk


In our first impact report for 2019-20, we are reflecting on our achievements of our first year and are looking ahead to how we can work towards our goal of improving people’s lives, as more capital contributes to addressing social and environmental challenges.

The third session of the Knowledge Exchange Series explored the role of National Advisory Boards (NABs) on impact investing as market navigators. The discussion focused on how NABs can engage with and strengthen their value proposition for the supply-side of capital (including investors, asset managers and asset owners) – and featured an intervention from BlueOrchard Finance, a leading impact investor.

We have created an Impact Investing Learning Framework for providers of investment qualifications and trainings, such as professional bodies and trade associations. The framework was developed by a Learning Panel made up of representatives from across the impact investing sector, including Barclays, Aberdeen Standard Investments and Bridges Fund Management.

News & Views

The coronavirus pandemic has caused immense hardship across the world. But one of the (few) positive side effects of crises is that they drive spectacular examples of innovation. The pandemic has driven some pretty spectacular examples of financial innovation in 2020 in response to both the demand from investors and to the pressing need across the globe from businesses, charities and individuals for emergency funds.

It’s been a very demanding year for everyone. The pandemic has had a terrible effect on individuals, communities and economies across the globe. But this year has also brought positive developments on which we can build, and which show us how important it is to continue working towards our goal: mobilising private sector capital at scale for public good.


The coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating effect on peoples’ health and livelihoods around the world. As we hope to emerge from…

Venture capital and impact investing intersect in their objective to bring new capital to enterprises looking to solve meaningful problems. Why does…

New research out now

White Paper: Scaling up institutional investment for place-based impact

Our joint white paper “Scaling up institutional investment for place-based impact,” based on the collaborative “Place-Based Impact Investing Project (PBII)” by the Impact Investing Institute, The Good Economy and Pensions for Purpose, sets out the case for institutional investors to adopt a “place-based lens.”